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Warren and Biden urge Trump to amplify his message

Warren and Biden urge Trump to amplify his message

Biden Hopes to Amplify Contrast With Republicans on Economic Policy

Republican Donald Trump is making a play for the so-called alt-right in the final days before the Iowa caucuses, and Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren and a top aide to former Vice President Joe Biden are urging the former vice president to amplify his message.

The two, who are vying to take on Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in the February caucuses, argue that Biden should use his time on the campaign trail to connect with new voters who believe the GOP is out of touch with economic policy in the age of Trump.

“I have a plan for you!” Biden tweeted Wednesday after saying he hoped his efforts would help Clinton. “The Democrats are the only ones who can beat Trump. We’re going to take Trump on, we’re going to take back our country, I guarantee it!”

“I think he is right,” Warren said in Iowa. “The Trump presidency has exposed so many of the myths and stereotypes of the American voter in just one year.”

She added, “The truth is that Donald Trump hasn’t shown us anything that is going to change the things that he doesn’t like. What he is trying to do is to change the way that elections are decided. He’s done that with his anti-immigration position, with his attacks on undocumented immigrants, with his policies. I think that he is going to take the same anti-immigrant position that he had taken before the election,” she said.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook disagreed, saying that Trump is a threat to the country.

“Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been a force for good for the country,” Mook told reporters on a conference call Wednesday night. “He has been fighting the spread of radical Islamic terrorism, he has been leading on the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, he has been leading on women’s health issues. But as Hillary

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