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We Need Leaders for Latinx America

We Need Leaders for Latinx America

Letters to the Editor: Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León to save them

The Latinx communities need our leadership and allies.

We have the same issues as the black, brown, indigenous, women and other minority communities.

But that’s because our communities have not yet had leaders with vision to move beyond our history and politics into a future that is better for our families, our communities, our country.

At least four times since 2016, we have found our best leaders in national and governor candidates and elected officials. They are not the stereotypical Latino leaders that we had in the past, but leaders for Latinx America.

As the nation prepares to elect a new president, we need to vote for leaders who will ensure that our stories, our histories, our history, our lives are not forgotten and that we are not erased from the narrative; leaders who embrace our Latinx communities and support immigrants, refugees and everyone who lives in the Americas as humans with dignity and human rights.

There is a long road ahead on our journey towards a better future. There are many obstacles to overcome. We must come together as one as people who have the same goals for our communities and country.

At least one of these candidates will support immigrant, refugees, and Latinx communities and will seek to strengthen the Latino community in the country.

But for the sake of our futures, we must not have a third Martinez, Cedillo and De León in government.

Juana Martinez

Santa Maria

Cedillo should support our communities.

There is a reason that there are many brown faces in the country.

We want our leaders who have the same concerns we have or even better.

Martinez is a person who has a lot of energy.

He needs to do more because at the end he is just going to get a 4 year term. He just doesn’t know the history of this country and he doesn’t know what it is like for brown people to be in the country.

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