Westworld: My Favorite Moments

The new series from the creators of ‘Westworld’ is more confusing than compelling, but it does at least offer an entertaining way for us to pay tribute to our beloved television in the form of a video-game-style adventure through our favorite worlds.

To celebrate the premiere of the new HBO series Westworld, fans have posted tributes to their favorite shows at our website in the form of gifs and a series of vignettes.

We’ve selected our favorite highlights from these tributes for your viewing pleasure. Check out our slideshow of our favorite moments from “Westworld,” and then click the button below to watch a clip from the new series.

This was my favorite moment at the end of the video and is my favorite moment from Westworld. I am a Westworld die-hard fan. I have been to every location since Day 1- the original park, and all the other ones built around it. I could go on and on about this show but I will just leave it at this, if your looking for more WESTWORLD episodes and I mean EVERYONE PLEASE MAKE IT A WESTWORLD MAJOR FLASHBACK AND A WESTWORLD ORIGINAL PICTURE OF EVERY LOCATION PERIOD.

Westworld in many ways is a show about television, and the characters, and the technology, and the environment is very similar to any of my favorite shows. I love the fact that I am watching a show set in a space world that looks like something out of Hollywood, and yet it is a realistic replica of a science fiction TV series. I am also a huge fan of the idea of watching something through a movie screen or a giant TV screen, watching an experience that is so much bigger than life.

Also, at the end of the video there is a little clip from “Saving Private Ryan” showing the famous American war correspondent Chris Kyle. This was the moment my favorite moment. It was after a particularly long day, and he got stuck in the middle of the desert with an injured soldier. He had his camera, and he was broadcasting live from the desert for the world to see. He had his camera with him, and he took the soldier to a safe place where there were no other reporters, and he gave him his camera back, and that was it. He was off the planet, and on the next flight to a safe place. I have

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