What Gavin Newsom is proposing for California’s water woes

The latest U.S. winter outlook spells trouble for dry California for the next two years.

Forecasters predict it will be very cold this winter, likely with snow and even freezing rain in the Sierra mountain range.

And if you want to prepare for the worst and not have to spend a ton of money, you might be able to get some of the water you need in a snowboard.

The state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, wants to see some kind of solution to California’s water woes, so he’s asking for ideas about what to do and what not to do. Here’s what he’s suggesting.

Water conservation

California’s water is a source of strength, and one that has helped the state survive, in the face of threats like wildfire, in a wide range of weather conditions, and through many difficult decisions to allocate water.

But the biggest challenge to California now is climate change.

The state’s two main reservoirs are filled to near capacity in some years.

But as the state faces dry years even with climate change in the distance, “we will have to do all kinds of changes to our water allocation,” Newsom says.

So he’s proposing a $1 billion bond issue that would build reservoirs, improve delivery systems from streams to cities and farms, and invest in renewable energy.

A new “solution”

Another thing Newsom is proposing is for Gov. Newsom to appoint someone with a “deep understanding of water issues” to head up the California Water Plan.

That person, who would serve an eight-year term with no salary, would be able to spend money wisely.

Newsom is calling for a report that explains options, including a water-sharing agreement, for distributing water in the future.

The report would

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