When People Die, We Can Choose to Say Saying Goodbye

A ‘Period Dignity Officer’ Seemed Like a Good Idea. Until a Man Was Named.

In the United States today, an average of 17.2 people die each day; the leading causes of death are cardiovascular, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

Many of us don’t know, nor have we ever even thought about, the impact that the death of 15 people in a room can have on a culture.

The death of those in the room, especially when they pass from this world while holding a public discussion, is seen as an opportunity to discuss some very complex topics.

But why?

Why do the words of people who are on the margins of society often go unheard?

Why is death so devalued?

Why do people treat death with such disrespect?

Why do we continue to dehumanize death and the people we pass it on?

When people die, we can choose to honor them and their lives by remembering them in our own memories and celebrating their life stories.

When people die, we can choose to mourn them and to say goodbye.

When people die, we can choose to grieve, to be touched, to feel their absence in our hearts.

When people die, there is always a chance they will reappear in another life and we can choose to say goodbye to them once more.

When people die, we can choose to comfort them, comfort our family, and comfort ourselves.

When people die, we can choose to appreciate them, appreciate and recognize their accomplishments while they lived in this world.

Our culture has become so removed from the death of others that we have become in awe of it, as if we don’t realize it has the power to make us feel so small.

With so many of our discussions and conversations focusing exclusively on death, we become desensitized to the death of others and they become meaningless to us.

There are countless stories of death that have been told and retold in our culture, from the time that the Mayflower landed in Plymouth Rock to the death of Abraham Lincoln.

But while this may be the most well-known and recognized death, there have been many others that have gone unnoticed, either because there were no accounts written of

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