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Why the Florida Primary Is So Important

Why the Florida Primary Is So Important

Here’s exactly how Donald Trump would run against Ron DeSantis in Florida.

You can bet on every Republican presidential primary contest being about a different race in a different state. And every one of them is dominated by one candidate or another, even if just for a single day.

That said, you can also bet Trump would have a better shot at defeating DeSantis than any of the other Republicans running in Florida. He would do it faster, and he would do it with more resources available to him.

It may seem like a small point, but it’s an important one. At the moment, Florida is one of the few states that matter in the entire primary process. That makes it particularly important for the party and, more importantly, for Trump.

If you want to win Florida, it must be done by winning the remaining Republican primary contests. But the only reason that makes sense is because it’s the only real chance for Trump. If he doesn’t win Florida, it won’t matter how much attention is lavished on the other states. They’ll just be a distraction.

Trump is doing exactly what he wants to do

To understand Florida, you have to understand a little more about Florida itself. It’s the only red state in America where the presidential vote is not a completely free vote. It is the only state where the presidential vote is divided into different parts.

The Constitution divides the state into four congressional districts, one where each of the four parties get one candidate, the other three where each party gets three candidates. That means that in every district the candidates are not all evenly matched.

This is one reason why it’s so important that the presidential contests in Florida be about only one thing, and that’s defeating President Trump. The rest of the candidates have nothing to do with the primary.

That’s why it’s the only time that the Trump campaign has a chance in hell at winning a state that’s really important. Any other time, the Florida primary is little more than a waste of time for Trump.


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