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Why We Write to Tell Donald Trump Not to Run

Why We Write to Tell Donald Trump Not to Run

Letters to the Editor: Mr. Trump, please don’t run. The nation needs healing, not you.

“Please Don’t Run” is the slogan to keep in mind when deciding whether to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It’s not Mr. Trump’s policies, though — I’ll get to those later — that most concern us and that we have decided to support.

Instead, we are talking about Donald Trump the person, and what we will lose if he wins the election. That is why we are writing to tell him not to run.

And if he becomes president, we want to make sure people at a time when so many Americans are struggling with serious economic, social and political problems that we will be forced to make a decision: We can get along or we can fall apart — and we hope to do it together.

Readers here at the Times are a diverse group of people. We are a rich minority. Most of our readers are people of color. We have religious readers. We are a working-class and middle-class family.

We are a political and ethnic minority. We were brought to this country to build a better life for ourselves. We are not a bunch of immigrants like Mr. Trump. We are the descendants of slaves and immigrants who did what they had to do to make the best of their lives and to take care of their families.

We are not the American Dream. Most of us are not wealthy. We have to work hard. A few of us are privileged. But most of us have to work.

So let’s have a real conversation about the real issues that face our nation: the economy, education, health care and the future of our children and grandchildren. Let’s have a discussion about solutions to problems that have existed our entire country since before we even were born.

Let’s not run from the problems that have been building for generations and making so many Americans so angry.

And then what?

The nation will be

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