Wine Country in Oregon

Savoring Oregon’s Wine Country, No Driving Required

My family and I were invited to see the Oregon Wine Country this past weekend. We traveled to St. Helens for a wine tour, and on Saturday we saw some of the wineries we’ve never been to before.

We had a busy weekend, but what kept me thinking about wine?

Oregon is an incredible place to drive around, yet you do find yourself needing to be driven everywhere.

I could have driven into Portland with all those wonderful wine tasting and tour stops. I’m going to have to try to find more wine tours that don’t require you to pay a fee to tour with them.

Oregon has an amazing wine country. The beautiful mountains, rolling hills, and rolling wine country is a beautiful place to live, and I’m lucky enough to live in rural Oregon.

We were driving up the road on U.S. Highway 20 towards the wineries we were visiting. It was about an hour drive, and we had a lot to see.

Our first stop we were excited to see was St. Helens Winery. We were driving along on the east side of the North Rogue River, and were driving along the river with the Oregon Wine Country sign on the front of the car. We turned into our way of thinking and headed into the winery. We are wine enthusiasts, so we are always excited when we drive around with a sign that says winery.

We met our driver, and after looking at his GPS map she directed us all along the Rogue River to the winery. Once we got to the winery I had an amazing cheese plate. I am one that loves cheese, so I was happy to get a cheese plate.

Our next stop was Silverado Vineyard. Our driver brought along wine, cheese and bread for a nice road trip.

Next we went back to our car and were driving north towards Medford. We were only driving about 10-15 miles.

We had a delicious hot dog at this gas station drive-through.

We noticed a sign that said Wines, Liquor & Spas, and had a wonderful time walking through the wineries and stopping to look at all of Oregon’s wine and liquor. The wineries were quite a bit smaller than what I was expecting.

The next stop we made was Rogue Valley Vineyards. The owner

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