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Herbal remedies for joint pain

Herbal remedies for joint pain

A remediees study in Herbwl with rheumatoid arthritis of the hand found Herbal remedies for joint pain acupuncture significantly fog self-reported pain, grip strength, and quality of life. Herbal wellness supplements to five drops of essential oil should be added for each ounce of carrier oil. People can use essential oils by adding a few drops to a tissue or a steam bath and inhaling the vapor. Supplement and Herb Guide for Arthritis Symptoms. A meta-analysis found that acupuncture is an effective way to manage chronic pain. Herbal remedies for joint pain

Herbal remedies for joint pain -

Cold packs can numb sore hands and reduce inflammation and swelling. You should apply cold therapy for 20 minutes at a time. Afterward, remove the ice treatment when the skin feels numb to the touch. To protect your skin, wrap the cold pack in a thin towel. Ways to utilize cold therapy include:.

With alternating heat and cold therapy, some people get the most arthritis pain relief. You can experiment with both to see what gives you the best pain and symptom relief in your hands and fingers.

Do not apply ice for more than 10 minutes at a time. Repeat up to 10 times a day. You can wear splints to reduce arthritis pain. When you experience pain but must still manage tasks with your hands, splints can be helpful because they immobilize the wrist and hands.

Wearing a splint or compression gloves overnight, every night may help improve pain and function. A study reported in the journal Rheumatology found benefits of using splints for joint pain. Specifically, it found that when participants used a splint on the distal interphalangeal DIP joint at night, it was a safe and simple way to reduce pain and improve joint mobility.

The DIP joint is the first knuckle located at the top of the finger. Experiencing DIP pain is a sign of arthritis, including OA or RA. Splinting has also helped manage hand and wrist function in people with RA.

A study reported in in the journal Reumatologia found hand function in women with RA could cause problems with grip and manual dexterity.

The researchers concluded that wrist stabilization could improve hand function. Compression gloves might be an alternative to splinting. People typically wear compression gloves at night. Researchers think these tight-fitting and flexible gloves might improve pain and stiffness in the hands and potentially improve hand function.

However, while these gloves are safe and commonly used, there is little research on how helpful they might be. Capsaicin is the component in chili peppers that gives them their heat.

It blocks pain signals when used in creams, gels, and patches. Capsaicin creams generally cause few systemic full body side effects. However, topical use sometimes causes localized redness, itching, and pain.

In a study in the journal Rheumatology , researchers reviewed the literature on capsaicin gel for hand and knee OA. Before using capsaicin products on your hands, try a small amount in one skin area to make sure you are not allergic.

In trials, capsaicin cream was applied up to four times a day. RA can cause hand and finger pain, swelling, and stiffness. When hands and fingers become inflamed, joints tend to be warm and tender.

Because RA is a symmetric condition, both hands are often affected. Research on fish oil , as a complementary supplement for RA, finds the two active ingredients in fish, EPA and DHA, can help reduce inflammation.

One study reported in in the Global Journal of Health Science found that people who took daily fish oil supplements had reduced RA pain. If taking fish oil capsules, follow the manufacturer's dosage recommendations. That is because most studies have not found fish oil to be effective for treating OA.

Rheumatoid arthritis has been linked to a deficiency in vitamin D. Some studies have found that vitamin D may help reduce inflammation and slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

All-trans retinoic acid is a form of vitamin A that has been shown to promote anti-inflammatory cells and suppress pro-inflammatory cells. Studies have found that it may help suppress inflammatory cytokines associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Meditation is an ancient mind and body practice in Buddhism and other Eastern religions. It puts your focus and attention on the current moment so life's distractions do not get in your way.

Meditation has many benefits. It can:. In addition, research shows meditation can help manage chronic pain associated with conditions like OA and RA. In a review of literature, researchers evaluated the use of mindfulness-based mediation's effects on pain management. They found that mindfulness meditation reduced pain for people with chronic conditions.

However, researchers found that short-term meditation less than one week was more effective at pain control than longer-term meditation.

When you have arthritis, yourdiet can play a role in the symptoms you experience. A plant-based diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other plant-based foods.

Some people might also eat meat and dairy along with plant-based foods. This diet can provide nutrients that ease inflammation, pain, and swelling associated with arthritis.

A study reported in the journal Arthritis found eating a plant-based diet could significantly improve function in people with OA. However, the research on a plant-based diet for RA is mixed. Some studies find a plant-based diet might help reduce RA symptoms. However, not all studies show significant connections between this type of diet and improved pain and function.

Regardless, it may be worth trying as part of your treatment plan to manage RA and reduce hand and finger joint symptoms. Several herbal supplements may help manage OA and RA pain. These include curcumin, ginger, and boswellia.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric , a spice used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, and it has been touted for reducing pain and swelling in people with RA. According to a systematic review and meta-analysis of eight studies, milligrams of turmeric twice a day could reduce joint pain and stiffness in both OA and RA.

The easiest way to get curcumin in your diet is to take it as a supplement. Ginger may reduce inflammation in people with RA and OA. In addition, a review found the ingredients in ginger can manage RA pain and reduce the potential for joint damage. To increase ginger in your diet, you can make it as a tea or add ginger to baked goods or prepared meals.

Ginger supplements are also an option, but check with a healthcare provider about correct dosing and safety. Boswellia , also called frankincense, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

A systematic review and meta-analysis found that Boswellia may be a safe and effective treatment for OA when used for four weeks. It is safe in small doses and available as a tablet or a topical cream.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using this supplement. The U. Unfortunately, that means their effectiveness and safety have not been studied or confirmed by the FDA.

You should always talk to a healthcare provider about whether an herbal supplement is helpful and safe to use with your current arthritis treatment plan.

Make sure you purchase herbal supplements from reputable sources. A healthcare provider or pharmacist can offer recommendations about high-quality supplements. Depending on what type of arthritis you have and the severity of your symptoms, your healthcare provider may recommend over-the-counter OTC and prescription medications for treating your arthritis.

Some of these include:. Some natural and at-home remedies may help manage your hand arthritis. Hand exercises, acupuncture, hot-cold therapy, splinting, meditation, and some supplements hold promise for non-pharmaceutical pain relief options.

Talk to a healthcare provider about which options may work well alongside standard medical care. Harvard Medical School. Hennig T, Hæhre L, Hornburg VT, et al. Effect of home-based hand exercises in women with hand osteoarthritis: a randomised controlled trial. Ann Rheum Dis. Lamb SE, Williamson EM, Heine PJ, et al.

Exercises to improve function of the rheumatoid hand SARAH : a randomised controlled trial. Seca S, Patrício M, Kirch S, Franconi G, Cabrita AS, Greten HJ. Effectiveness of acupuncture on pain, functional disability, and quality of life in rheumatoid arthritis of the hand: Results of a double-blind randomized clinical trial.

J Altern Complement Med. Chen YJ, Chen CT, Liu JY, Shimizu Bassi G, Yang YQ. What is the appropriate acupuncture treatment schedule for chronic pain? Review and analysis of randomized controlled trials. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.

Arthritis Foundation. Heat therapy helps relax stiff joints. American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Paraffin wax bath. Öncel A, Küçükşen S, Ecesoy H, Sodali E, Yalçin Ş. Comparison of efficacy of fluidotherapy and paraffin bath in hand osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trial.

Arch Rheumatol. Deal C. Ice or heat? Cleveland Clinic. Watt FE, Kennedy DL, Carlisle KE, et al. Night-time immobilization of the distal interphalangeal joint reduces pain and extension deformity in hand osteoarthritis.

Rheumatology Oxford. Sadura-Sieklucka T, Sokołowska B, Prusinowska A, et al. Benefits of wrist splinting in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Prior Y, Sutton C, Cotterill S, et al. The effects of arthritis gloves on people with rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory arthritis with hand pain: a study protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial the A-GLOVES trial.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord. Robb-Nicholson C. Ask the doctor: How does hot pepper cream work to relieve pain? De Silva V, El-Metwally A, Ernst E, et al. Evidence for the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicines in the management of osteoarthritis: a systematic review. Rajaei E, Mowla K, Ghorbani A, et al.

The effect of omega-3 fatty acids in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis receiving DMARDs therapy: Double-blind randomized controlled trial. SAM-e ,or S-adenosylmethionine, may help relieve pain and inflammation and may even stimulate cartilage growth.

Some studies have shown it working effectively in patients with osteoarthritis. Capsaicin , which can be applied as a cream, gel, or patch, can temporarily relieve joint pain by blocking pain transmission. Fish oil has been shown in some studies to reduce pain and stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

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There are various herbs Liver body cleanse other Herbal remedies for joint pain remedies Glucagon effects may help relieve joint pain. It is important to speak hoint a doctor rmeedies beginning any alternative Herbal remedies for joint pain. Arthritis is remediees general term that describes a family of medical conditions that have the symptoms of joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness. As well as natural remedies, medical treatments, regular exercise, and proper nutrition can also help people manage their arthritis symptoms. According to the Arthritis Foundationthe condition affects over 50 million adults andchildren in the United States. Natural remedies, such as herbs and supplements, may be safe, effective treatment options with few significant side effects. Herbs and spices Caffeine and athletic recovery be used as remesies remedies to reduce the inflammation forr rheumatoid arthritis. Find out about dietary options Herbaal may help. But Herbak part Herbal remedies for joint pain an anti-inflammatory dietconsuming certain herbs and spices throughout the day could also help reduce inflammation and other symptoms, according to the Arthritis Foundation. And, at the very least, adding them to your recipes will liven up your meals. Related: The Best Foods to Add to Your Diet to Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis.


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