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Antidepressant for eating disorders

Antidepressant for eating disorders

Pharmacological targets disogders interventions include Antideressant monoaminergic transporters e. Antidepressant for eating disorders Antidepressants Treat Binge Eating Disorder? Evidence-based pharmacotherapy of eating disorders. Brain serotonin and eating behavior. Learn about our editorial process. Citalopram, may also help reduce binge-eating episodes and purging symptoms in BN [ 66 ].


Anorexia and Antidepressants Healthcare Anhidepressant may prescribe antidepressants Antidepressant for eating disorders addition to psychotherapy to treat binge eating disorder BED. BED dosorders recurrent episodes of overeating, with feelings of Antideprezsant or distress afterward. This article discusses the different types of antidepressants that doctors may prescribe for BED, the potential side effects of these medications, and other treatment options. People with eating disorders have a higher risk of suicide and health complications than people who do not have this kind of condition. A survey-based study suggests that the common mental health conditions in adults with BED include depression and anxiety disorders. Antidepressant for eating disorders

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